building waste to make brick or block have economic benefits

Construction waste brick by brick construction waste, which is a construction waste after crushing and screening, cement as the main raw material, adding a small amount of sand and fly ash production of standard brick or concrete block. Concrete brick made from construction waste is 20% higher than the national standard. With construction waste brick by brick, brick pavement can be made, made of construction waste brick price significantly lower than the clay brick, effectively saving land resources.

Construction waste brick as a starting point, we can vigorously develop new wall materials, and actively promote the construction of industrial structure adjustment. The performance of brick made from construction waste depends on the properties of raw materials and the process of forming machines.

The product has been tested by the national quality inspection center for wall and roof materials, the standard bricks and perforated bricks are in accordance with the requirements, and there is no radioactive pollution. Bulk density and water absorption are better than ordinary concrete perforated brick. Between sintered brick and non sintered brick. The structure and properties of the raw materials in the production mode have not changed. Its dry shrinkage, thermal conductivity than ordinary concrete products to small construction has a very favorable role. The main source of cost and benefit of construction waste brick in raw material sources and transportation are low, save a lot of cost, and brick price is low, only the production site can be prepared. In the cost accounting, there is a considerable profit space, coupled with the strong support of relevant national policies, so the brick building waste has great social and economic benefits. 

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